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Howard Cruse Original Art: Stuck Rubber Baby p. 163

Howard Cruse Original Art: Stuck Rubber Baby p. 163
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    HOWARD CRUSE ORIGINAL ART: Page 163 of Stuck Rubber Baby

    Medium: India Ink applied with a Rapidograph on 2-ply Strathmore plate-surface bristol board; some brushwork added for natural texture and hair. Shaded with intricate crosshatching.

    Dimensions: 17-3/4"x23" (Original art is 250% of the image size in the American edition)

    Condition: Excellent, with following caveats: Lettering errors in the first and ninth word balloons have been corrected with patches. Both are executed on 1-ply Strathmore of the same coloration as the 2-ply
    Strathmore underneath and hence are barely perceptible.

    Provenance: The original art will be shipped directly from the artist.

    Comments by the artist: On this page Sammy Noone prepares to confront his ailing father about the elder's past cruelties growing out of homophobia. The glowering Cuthel Noone, totally paralyzed, cannot fight back or evade Sammy's long pent-up accusations. This crucial four-page section of Stuck Rubber Baby serves as a wish-fulfillment metaphor for gays yearning to force America's homophobic power-elite to at last look them in the eye and listen to them. (Only two pages of the four-page sequence remain unsold to collectors at this writing.)

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