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Howard Cruse Original Art: Stuck Rubber Baby p. 98

Howard Cruse Original Art: Stuck Rubber Baby p. 98
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    HOWARD CRUSE ORIGINAL ART: Page 98 of Stuck Rubber Baby

    Medium: India Ink applied with a Rapidograph on 2-ply Strathmore plate-surface bristol board; some brushwork added for natural texture and hair. Shaded with intricate crosshatching.

    Dimensions: 17-3/4"x23" (Original art is 250% of the image size in the American edition)

    Condition: Excellent, with following caveats: Lettering errors in the first, fourth, and twelfth, word balloons have been corrected with patches. All are executed on 1-ply Strathmore of the same coloration as the 2-ply Strathmore underneath and hence are barely perceptible.

    Provenance: The original art will be shipped directly from the artist.

    Comments by the artist: With Ginger having left town, Toland is attempting to date other girls like a “normal” guy, bringing southern belle Sybil Louise to a backyard barbecue at Melanie and Orley’s place. Riley and Mavis are also there, and when Riley discovers a racist newspaper in the house, he launches into a rant of ridicule over the paper and the whole racist culture they’re all trapped in.

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