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Denis Kitchen 3-D Print: Major Arcana

Denis Kitchen 3-D Print: Major Arcana
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    "3D Major Arcana" print by Denis Kitchen (unsigned)

    This extraordinary 3-D print has more than fifty levels of depth, a record for analglyphic 3-D and itís a guaranteed mind-blower. Kitchen originally drew this hypnotic image as a psychedelic album cover for the late Jim Spencer's band in 1975. The image was also utilized as the splash panel for Kitchen's contribution to the surrealistic underground comic Mondo Snarfo a short time later. In 1999 Kitchen asked 3-D master Roger May (Freak Brothers 3-D, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs 3-D and others) to do the conversion. Mayís conscientious efforts paid off in this convention favorite. Shrink-wrapped on heavy board, the print measures 13" inches by 17" inches. Image area actually measures 11" inches by 11" inches. (Scan above was cropped for easy viewing online.) Comes with 3-D glasses.

    * * This is the UNsigned print

    * signed version listed separately

    Shipped well protected by heavy cardboard on both sides.We recommend viewing 3-D print under bright light conditions for best results. View with drugs at your own risk!

    This item is almost out of print. It will be replaced soon with a new size and format and a revised 3-D separation. Watch for notice.