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Frank Stack Original Art: Jesus in Academia - p.2

Frank Stack Original Art: Jesus in Academia - p.2
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    FRANK STACK. "Jesus in Academia, page 2" (1972).

    From "Jesus Meets the Academic Community," the lead story in Jesus Comics #3 (Rip Off Press). Stack did a series of hilarious stories about a befuddled Jesus Christ returning to the modern world, including a previous issue devoted entirely to Jesus Meets the Armed Forces. But nothing, even for the Lord Jesus himself, proves as befuddling as the Byzantine halls of academia. In this key page, Jesus, who has decided to "teach" as a forum, meets smarmy Assistant Dean "Smiley" Fibeus. If Stack's cynical view of higher education sounds like an insider's perspective, it is. Stack, for many years was a Professor of Fine Art at the University of Missouri in Columbia. In his early years, prior to tenure, Stack was certain he would be fired if his academic superiors discovered his underground comix side-career. So for many years Frank Stack used the pen name Foolbert Sturgeon.

    Provenance: This original art is warranted to be from the artist's personal collection (Stack is exclusively represented by this agency). The art comes with a letter of authenticity upon request. See "bio" section for information on Frank Stack (a.k.a. Foolbert Sturgeon), one of the very earliest and most important of the underground cartoonists.

    Size/medium/condition/price: Drawn in brush, pen and ink, (with white-out cross-hatching to make backgrounds appear grayer and recede) on heavy illustration board measuring 10 inches wide by 15 inches high. Some light blue pencil lettering guides remain visible. here is one spell check in margin. There is some yellowing from age on the outside edges of the illustration board, outside the image area. The name of the story and page number is inked in the lower left corner, also outside the image area. This is an excellent example of Stack's early style, which tends to be more heavily detailed and cross-hatched. If you are looking for a key Stack page for your collection, this one is highly recommended. The top of the art is hinge-mounted with archival tape to a professionally cut mat measuring 16 inches wide x 20 inches high. $600.