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Frank Stack Original Art: Foolbert Sturgeon's Cartoon Club

Frank Stack Original Art: Foolbert Sturgeon's Cartoon Club
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    FRANK STACK. "Foolbert Sturgeon's Cartoon Club" (1990).

    The "old crank" Foolbert Sturgeon (nom de plume for Frank Stack) tells you how to become an editorial cartoonist, demonstrating in several easy steps hpw you can turn simple peanut and banana shapes into our beloved former President Richard Nixon. Cameo appearance by Popeye! Actual, practical advice appears in tiny boxes as you learn to draw Tricky Dick. The bottom line joke about the next decade's drawing lesson involving a "prune" shape is an ageist reference to wrinkled President Ronald Reagan. Perfect original page for a cartoonist or serious comics fan.

    Provenance: This original art is warranted to be from the artist's personal collection (Stack is exclusively represented by this agency). The art comes with a letter of authenticity upon request. See "bio" section for information on Frank Stack (a.k.a. Foolbert Sturgeon), one of the very earliest and most important of the underground cartoonists.

    Medium/size/condition/price: Drawn in pen & ink on Bristol board measuring 8 5/8 inches wide by 11 1/2 inches high. Minor correctional white-out. The title and copyright credits are paste-ups. The top of the art is hinge-mounted with archival tape to a professionally cut mat measuring 16 inches wide x 20 inches high. $275.