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Howard Cruse Original Art: Stuck Rubber Baby p. 129

Howard Cruse Original Art: Stuck Rubber Baby p. 129
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    HOWARD CRUSE ORIGINAL ART: Page 129 of Stuck Rubber Baby

    Medium: India Ink applied with a Rapidograph on 2-ply Strathmore plate-surface bristol board; some brushwork added for natural texture and hair. Shaded with intricate crosshatching.

    Dimensions: 17-3/4"x23" (Original art is 250% of the image size in the American edition)

    Condition: Excellent, with following caveats: The text describing the moment of "white rage" depicted in panel six contained an error that was corrected with a large rectangular patch. Because one edge of the
    patch cuts horizontally across the wide white area at the bottom of the panel, it can be detected but only if a viewer looks closely. The patch itself is clean with edges unmarred by dirt, and is executed on 1-ply Strathmore of the same coloration as the 2-ply Strathmore underneath. There are some very small white-guauche touch-ups near the patch.

    Provenance: The original art will be shipped directly from the artist.

    Comments by the artist: This visually calm scene between Toland and Ginger roils with unexpressed emotional sub texts. To me it exemplifies the capacity of comics to suggest the interior lives of drawn characters without spelling them out and thereby oversimplifying them.

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