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Elder & Kurtzman Original Art: Goodman Meets S*perm*n

Elder & Kurtzman Original Art: Goodman Meets S*perm*n
    Price: $1,100.00


    HARVEY KURTZMAN & WILL ELDER. Page 102,"Goodman Meets S*perm*n" episode (1962) in Goodman Beaver.

    This is one of five hilarious G.B. stories that Kurtzman & Elder created for Help! magazine in the early '60s before Goodman morphed into "Little Annie Fanny" for Playboy. In this episode Clark Kent questions why he should save the world. What's in it for him? On this particular page a flayed Goodman returns a living creature ---a vicious shark--- thrown on shore by a strange and misanthropic fisherman, who is actually... Superman! (Note: page number from the Kitchen Sink Press collection, not an original Help! appearance or the MacFadden paperback, Executive Comic Book.)

    Provenance: From the estate of Harvey Kurtzman. Comes with a letter of authenticity upon request.

    Size/medium/condition/price: Written by Kurtzman. Drawn by Elder based on pencil layouts by Kurtzman. Pen, brush and ink on heavy illustration board. Board measures 8 3/8" wide x 11 5/8" high. Actual image is 6 1/2" x 8 1/2". The "original" lettering on all Goodman Beaver art consists of photostats glued to the board with forty year-old rubber cement. Some light staining is visible on this lettering.There is a small piece of masking tape an inch below the image, registration marks, and printer's handwritten notations outside the image area. All Goodman Beaver originals have these minor flaws to a lesser or greater degree. These can be easily eliminated from view by matting the original. The original comes with a removable acetate overlay (not pictured here) with large areas blocked in by Elder in red marker. (The red areas were shot by the printer and converted to a 30% "screen," then "double-burned" on to the line art on the film negatives to create the gray tone area in the published version.) Exquisite pen and ink and cross-hatching work by Elder. From the self-described "funniest" work this famous team ever created.