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Elder & Kurtzman Original Art: Goodman Beaver Tied to Stake

Elder & Kurtzman Original Art: Goodman Beaver  Tied to Stake
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    "Goodman Beaver Tied to Stake" --- Page 18 (1961 and 1962)

    8.5" wide x 11" high

    Pen and ink on Craftint Singletone paper.

    From "Goodman Meets T*rz*n," page 18 in Kitchen Sink Press' 1984 compilation of Goodman Beaver (available from Steve Krupp's Curio Shoppe). First appearance was in the September 1961 Help! magazine. Will Elder did the inks based on Harvey Kurtzman layouts and script. The individual panels shown here are cut out of Craftint Singletone paper and pasted on to a heavy illustration board. The top panel was expanded by Elder: the right 1/3 of the top panel has been added to the version that first appeared in Help!, as explained on page 13 of the KSP compilation. This was done to conform to the new proportions of the Executive's Comic Book, a 1962 "pocket book" reprint from McFadden. Consequently there is a slice running along the stake in the top panel where Elder painstakingly spliced the new section to the pre-existing panel. There is also a paste-over on the top panel where Elder replaced Goodman's "monkey-like" face from the first appearance in Help! to the more human and "lovable" face here (see page 14 of KSP book). The bottom panel has no cuts or paste-overs because it was created new for Executive's Comic Book. This is page 44 if you have the 1962 pocket book.