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Harvey Kurtzman Original Art: Compulsion/Range Jungle Book Splash

Harvey Kurtzman Original Art: Compulsion/Range Jungle Book Splash
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    "Compulsion on the Range" splash page from Jungle Book (1959)

    7" wide x 12.5" high

    Pen & ink, brush and wash on blue-ruled Bristol board glued to a second sheet.

    Splash page for Kurtzman's western parody, "Compulsion on the Range," from Jungle Book. This is page 69 from the 1986 Kitchen Sink Press book [Out of print, but available on this site ---Steve]. Note the Rorschach Test drawings among the saddle, irons, ten gallon hat and other western accouterments --- this is a psychological western. This piece is one of only four splash pages in one of the most important works in comic art history. The title and introductory text is hand-lettered by Kurtzman (everything in this book ---even the indicia page--- was written, drawn and lettered by Kurtzman). The top two lines of lettering are pasted over an apparent lettering error or editorial change and there is very light rubber cement staining in the vicinity of the paste-over. A tape stain along the top, two "x" registration marks and printer's pencilled notations (all outside the image area) are the only "flaws." But the image itself is excellent and unscathed. This original would look wonderful in a custom oval-shaped matte which followed the rounded contours of the top and bottom of the splash.

    Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book, created in 1959, stands as a watershed moment in comics history. It was the first paperback book of original comics material. It introduced the character Goodman Beaver, who evolved, amazingly enough, three years later into Playboy's Little Annie Fanny. Jungle Book was an all-too-rare example of Kurtzman working without collaborators. But most important, its four stories were flat-out brilliant, inspiring, among others, the young generation of underground cartoonists who emerged less than a decade later.