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Harvey Kurtzman Original Art: Jungle Book p. 93

Harvey Kurtzman Original Art: Jungle Book p. 93
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    "Compulsion on the Range" --- Page 93 from Jungle Book (1959)

    7" wide x 12.5" high

    Pen & ink, brush and wash on blue-ruled Bristol board glued to a second sheet.

    This page from Harvey Kurtzman's western parody, "Compulsion on the Range," in Jungle Book, depicts a flashback scene as the neurotic Marshall Dillon is psychoanalyzed. This is page 93 from the 1986 Kitchen Sink Press book [Out of print, but available on this site ---Steve.] The top tier is pasted on. A tape stain along the top, registration marks and a printer's notations (all outside the image area) are the only other "flaws." The drawings themselves are excellent. Comes with a masking overlay on clear acetate, not pictured here. Masterful ink and wash work by one of the medium's most celebrated and respected creators.

    Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book, created in 1959, stands as a watershed moment in comics history. It was the first paperback book of original comics material. It introduced the character Goodman Beaver, who evolved, amazingly enough, three years later into Playboy's Little Annie Fanny. Jungle Book was an all-too-rare example of Kurtzman working without collaborators. But most important, its four stories were flat-out brilliant, inspiring, among others, the young generation of underground cartoonists who emerged less than a decade later.