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Elder & Kurtzman Original Art: Goodman Beaver Liz Taylor

Elder & Kurtzman Original Art: Goodman Beaver Liz Taylor
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    "Goodman Tries to Impress Elizabeth Taylor" ---Page 138 (1962)

    8" wide x 9.25" high board. (Image area 4.25" wide x 6" high)

    Pen & ink on heavy illustration board.

    From "Goodman Gets a Gun," which originally appeared in the November 1962 Help! magazine. Will Elder inks, Harvey Kurtzman layouts and script. This was the last of the five "Goodman Beaver" adventures in Help! because in October 1962 Kurtzman & Elder's long-running "Little Annie Fanny" feature began appearing in Playboy and Help! soon fell by the wayside. (See the introduction to Volume 1 of Dark Horse's Little Annie Fanny collection for the full explanation of how Goodman in fact morphed into Annie.) In this particular panel Goodman is trying to impress "Miss Taylbone" (actress Elizabeth Taylor, with her Cleopatra hairstyle from the highly publicized film). This is page 138 in Kitchen Sink Press' 1984 Goodman Beaver collection (also available from Steve Krupp's Curio Shoppe). The panel is surrounded on three sides by white masking tape. This original comes with Elder's original hand-drawn overlay (not shown here) which indicated to the printer where to apply the 30% gray tone that appears in the published version. There are pencil notations on the the illustration board outside the image area, but the drawing itself is virtually flawless. There is a small area above the fence with white-out which is barely noticeable. Would look great matted and framed.