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Elder & Kurtzman Original Art: Goodman Beaver Underwater p.79

Elder & Kurtzman Original Art: Goodman Beaver Underwater p.79
    Price: $975.00
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    ">8.5" wide x 11.5" high board (image area 6.5" x 8.5")

    Pen and ink on heavy Bainbridge illustration board.

    From "Goodman Underwater," page 79 in Kitchen Sink Press' 1984 compilation of Goodman Beaver [out of print but available here under "Books" ---Steve]. The first appearance was in the May 1962 Help! magazine. Will Elder did the inks based on Harvey Kurtzman layouts and script. The picture is full of sight gags: Goodman is inside a secret underwater Russian hide-out, where a portrait of Nikita Kruschev is framed by a toilet seat under the caption water closet (British term for toilet). Goodman is getting a drink from the water cooler. And note the open file drawer containing... metal files. Excellent example of Elder's cross-hatching and pen & ink technique. This original comes with Elder's original hand-drawn overlay (not shown here) which indicated to the printer where to apply the 30% gray tone that appears in the published version. Some very thin white-out or white tempura has been applied to the very edges of the image where the border has been defined. The "East Berlin" and "Water Closet" lettering is carefully applied in white-out or white tempera, which is perfectly preserved. There is one strip of old masking tape and minor pencil notes on the illustration board outside the image area. When this item is matted and framed nothing will be invisible except the marvelous cartoon art.