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Peter Poplaski Original BATMAN Art lot of 3

Peter Poplaski Original BATMAN Art lot of 3
    Price: $1,750.00
    Sold Art


    PETER POPLASKI. Original BATMAN cover art (Lot of 3).
    14 characters (2013)

    A truly outstanding visual line-up of Batman and his primary allies in the top row: Chief O’Hara, Commissioner Gordon, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, Batman, Robin, Alfred and Batgirl, with a counterpart rogues gallery of adversaries below: Jolly Roger, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin, and Madame Zodiac —all against the iconic batwing symbol. This original art was done as the back cover for BATMAN: Dailies and Sundays Complete 1966-1967 (published by IDW in 2014). The finished drawing includes not just Poplaski’s signature and date, but his extensive marginal notes and suggested cover text. This is an amazing stand-alone piece for any serious Batman collector, or it can be framed as the full sequence of the three-step creation.

    Medium/Size/Condition: The finished cover art measures 19.75 inches wide x 14.5” on heavy Bristol board. The lot includes Poplaski’s preliminary, loosely-inked version of the finished art. This measures 17” x 11” on a lighter Bristol, The third element is Poplaski’s color guide, comprising original color pencil colors on a photocopy of the finished art, measuring 17 x 11 inches. All three items are in excellent condition

    Further reference: Besides other Poplaski art, The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski, his 1975 Famous Cartoonists Button, his extremely rare Batman Trading Cards and numerous other Poplaski-related projects are accessible from Steve Krupp’s Curio Shoppe. Just type his name into our search bar.

    Provenance: Peter Poplaski is exclusively represented by the Denis Kitchen Art Agency, an affiliate of Steve Krupp’s Curio Shoppe and Gallery. This drawing is warranted to be an authentic original created by Peter Poplaski.