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Peter Poplaski Art: THE SILVER AGE SUPERMAN: 1965 “Death of Luthor!" BACK COVER

Peter Poplaski Art: THE SILVER AGE SUPERMAN: 1965 “Death of Luthor!" BACK COVER
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    (Lot of 2) to THE SILVER AGE SUPERMAN: 1965 “Death of Luthor!" (IDW Publishing, 2020)

    A wonderful Action Comics cover-on-top-other covers-within-a-cover! Somewhat mirroring the corresponding front cover to this collection, Superman flies over an adoring crowd with the ominous “ghost” of Lex Author looking on.

     India ink on heavy Bristol board measuring a full 15.5 x 23 inches (39.4 x 58.4 cm). Signed and dated 2019 at the bottom of the “top comic." This lot includes Poplaski’s same-size hand-colored publisher's guide. The guide is comprised of two sheets carefully taped on reverse. Original art is in excellent condition. 

    Special note: 
    Poplaski is highly unusual in that EVERYTHING on his originals is original. In this case that includes the ACTION COMICS logo which is NOT a photostat or Xerox: that logo is meticulously hand-drawn, as is all the lettering. You just don’t see entirely 100% original cover art like this

    Price for 2-piece lot: $1,350

    Corresponding FRONT cover is located HERE. If the pair is purchased together a 10% discount applies to the total lot. 

    Poplaski over the years has drawn numerous wraparound covers for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman collections for DC Comics, Kitchen Sink Press, and most recently IDW (some of which are still available in this web gallery). Poplaski has had an unusual career arc, divided evenly between America and France, and also between two unlikely disciplines: serious comic book work as well as sought-after fine art painting and etching.

    His paintings are in the collection of Aline and Robert Crumb among many other Europeans, but this schizophrenic division also means he is not the household word in comics that his obvious talent would imply. That said, two of his drawings sold at Heritage in 2021 for over $9,000 combined, so he is recognized by the sharp-eyed cognoscente. 

    Provenance: Warranted to be authentic. Poplaski is exclusively represented by this agency.

    Further reference: Besides other Poplaski art, The Sketchbook Adventures of Peter Poplaski, his 1975 Famous Cartoonists Button, his extremely rare Batman Trading Cards and numerous other Poplaski-related projects are accessible from Steve Krupp’s Curio Shoppe.

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