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R. Crumb Original Place Mat Art: Milk Bottles of Sin

R. Crumb Original Place Mat Art: Milk Bottles of Sin
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    R. Crumb Original Art - Placemat drawing

    # 2 - "Milk Bottles of Sin" - August 2000

    Like placemat number one, this was drawn on a white textured placemat paper with the same quarter inch square pattern. It measures 9 inches wide by 8.5 high. All four sides are slightly irregular as they were torn by Crumb from a larger piece of paper. The middle of left bottle has a hole approximately 1/8th inch square where Crumb's intense cross hatching on the thin paper literally created the hole. There is also a tiny pin hole in the lower left corner of the back ground cross hatching where Crumb's Rapidograph pen snagged the paper. The right milk bottle also has some white-out on the interior left and right sides as well as the bottle top. While minor, this could be regarded as a "flaw." It also shows that Crumb took pride in these drawings he made while "waiting for food" and did not wish them to reach collectors hands with apparent flaws in his line work.

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