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Complete 7-page Spirit Story "The Foxtrot Poll"

Complete 7-page Spirit Story "The Foxtrot Poll"
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    (Note, the images above are rather large so that you can see details.  Click on the thumbnail, then give each one several seconds to load the 2MG file.  Then click the pop-up.)

    WILL EISNER (1917-2005) Complete 7-page Spirit Story

    August 12, 1951. "THE FOXTROT POLL."

    This story represent Eisner's take on early television. The splash page makes a big point of this being "color television" because all sets were black and white in the early '50s.

    Eisner's normally more inventive page layouts here become sequence of rigid, heavily-outlined, squares to effectively mimic TV screens. Eisner cleverly weaves a Spirit television adventure between interviews with Commissioner Dolan.

    The story is also distinctive because it is (I think) the very last appearance of notorious femme fatale Sand Saref, introduced a year and a half earlier in the converted John-Law-to-Spirit stories. The art here is almost all Eisner, though hurried in places because his life in 1951 (doing much commercial work) was far more complicated than earlier years when he could devote full-time to The Spirit.
    The splash page is weak but, overall, one of the stronger 1951 stories.

    Condition: No paste-ups (except the title and 1st panel on splash page. Very little White-out.

    Size: 15 x 22 inches (38 x 56 centimeters) on heavy Bristol board.

    Provenance: Warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which this agency exclusively represents.