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Complete 7-page Spirit Story, "The Song of Little Willum"

Complete 7-page Spirit Story, "The Song of Little Willum"
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    WILL EISNER (1917-2005) Complete 7-page Spirit Story

    November 26, 1950. "THE SONG OF LITTLE WILLUM."

    Several months after his June appearance, Willum returns in a Thanksgiving story, structured as song verse. Though Will Eisner by late 1950 was generally delegating much of the Spirit art to assistants, this is one of few stories from this period that Will was able to draw almost single- handedly (with layouts and script from Jules Feiffer's script.) It includes such trademark Eisner images as the angle shots up and down the ladder (page 3), feathering techniques (like 4th panel, page 4), shadowy figures (last panel, page 4) and action sequences (page 6). It is also significant because besides The Spirit and Willum it features an unusual number of guest appearances: Detective Dick Whittler (from the previous Willum story, plus friends and foes like P'Gell, Hildie, Darling O'Shea, Sammy, Ellen Dolan, Commissioner Dolan, and even references to Sand Saref, Silk Satin, and Witch Hazel attending Willum's surprise party.

    There is also an unexpected bonus: on the back side of page 7 are Jules Feiffer's pencils for the first 6 pages, all scripted very closely to the final version. There are almost no examples of Feiffer's scripts/layouts that have survived, adding another "archaeological" nature to this story. So this Spirit is effectively eight pages of original art.

    Condition: No paste-ups on art (though date on page 1 was added when reprinted, and there is white tape at the bottom and top of most pages.) Moderate White-out throughout.

    Size: 15 x 22 inches (38 x 56 centimeters) on heavy Bristol board.

    Provenance: Warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which this agency exclusively represents.

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