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Will Eisner Original Art: Ten Minutes: The Movie # 9

Will Eisner Original Art: Ten Minutes: The Movie # 9
    Price: $600.00
    Sold Art


    WILL EISNER. "Ten Minutes: The Movie; Panel 9 of 10" (1989).

    One of the most critically celebrated Spirit stories is "Ten Minutes" (September 11, 1949), the tragic last ten minutes of the life of a character named Freddy. In 1989 Will Eisner authorized Edgewood Motion Pictures to adapt this story into a short film literally ten minutes long, closely following the original Spirit story panel by panel. Eisner created ten new illustrations for the film, most of which were used as bumpers, generally closely cropped and fully colored. These images, seen by even few hard core Spirit fans, are now offered for sale.

    Commissioner Dolan and The Spirit stand over the body of Freddy in this beautifully composed panel, the last used, near the very end of the Ten Minutes film. A great stand-alone portrait of the masked hero and the police commissioner, begging to be framed.

    Provenance: This original is warranted to be from Eisner's personal collection. The drawing comes with the ultimate proof of provenance: a descriptive Bill of Sale signed by the Will Eisner Estate.

    Size/medium/condition/price: Drawn in brush & ink on Bristol board measuring 8.75 inches wide by 7 1/8 inches high. Eisner's standard copyright rubber stamp is on the reverse. Excellent condition. $600.