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Complete 7 page story, "A Day at the Beach" August 8, 1948

Complete 7 page story, "A Day at the Beach" August 8, 1948
    Price: $25,000.00
    Sold Art


    Will Eisner. Complete 7-page SPIRIT story, "A Day at the Beach" August 8, 1948

    While the setting is atypical and the tale is rather lightweight, this is a Spirit story that has a lot going for it. It's from the late forties when Will Eisner (ably assisted in this case by Andre LeBlanc) was at his artistic peak during the run of the title. The Spirit is in every page of the story (albeit as a tiny figure in the splash page) which is unusual. The supporting cast members of Dolan, Ellen, Ebony, and P.S. are featured throughout the story. While the tone is mostly humorous, there is a impressive two-page silent action sequence that takes place beneath the sea, which Eisner said was influenced by the great pen and ink illustrators John R. Neill and William Robinson Leigh. It should be noted that Eisner thought highly enough of the story that he used it as the basis for the cover of issue #34 of The Spirit comic book. The original art is in excellent condition, as attested by the photos of all seven pages.

    Very few complete Spirit stories show up these days, especially a story featuring the full primary cast. The vast majority of 7-page stories are in the hands of private collectors and institutions and will not come to market. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a full story, and from what many scholars believe is the strongest year, 1948, of the groundbreaking feature. 

    NOTE:  The art is consigned this agency by the owner who is located in Spain. The owner will ship to the buyer for a flat $50 surcharge.