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Will Eisner Original Art: Computer Jargon

Will Eisner Original Art: Computer Jargon
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    Will Eisner Original Ink Illustration Art

    �Computer Jargon� by Will Eisner (1973).

    No. 11 of thirteen little known illustrations Eisner drew for the book Freedom�s Edge: The Computer Threat to Society by Milton R. Wessel (published in 1974 by Addison-Wesley). Created at a time when computers were giant-size Univac contraptions and viewed by many, including the book�s author, as a �threat to society,� these images are clearly anachronistic in the age of laptops, but that�s part of the charm.

    Pen and ink on Bristol board (if the style looks different than the Eisner look you are accustomed to, keep in mind that the vast majority of Will�s art was done with brush, not pen).

    10 inches wide x 6 3/8 inches high. Signed. $400

    Warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which this agency exclusively represents. Comes with signed Bill of Sale.