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Complete 7-page Spirit story, "King Kwang"

Complete 7-page Spirit story, "King Kwang"
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    WILL EISNER (1917-2005) Original Complete 7-page Spirit story

    Title/date/description: "King Kwang" dated May 27, 1951 (#574).

    It's not your average Central City criminal gang. In a story obviously influenced by the Korean War then in progress, we find The Spirit in a small Korean town taken over by King Kwang and his brigands. The brutish Kwang (whom Dave Schreiner calls "a cross between Fred Mertz and Mussolini") ultimately proves his downfall to being a Mamma's boy. A very striking splash page with the dramatic logo and even Will Eisner's signature lettered in a distinctly Asian calligraphy. The art throughout the story is principally Eisner but most of the detailed backgrounds are probably by Andre LeBlanc and Klaus Nordling.

    Eisner was especially pleased with his "fluid figure work" on page 6 in reviewing this story with columnist Tom Heintjes. The typeset headline at the top of the splash, added at a later date by Eisner for Kitchen Sink's reprint Spirit series, incorrectly spells the villain's name as "Wang" (and even Cat Yronwode's otherwise reliable "Spirit Checklist" repeats this spelling error).

    Size/medium/condition: Drawn with brush, pen and ink on Bristol board 15" high by 22" high. The are only two minor paste-ups: the misspelled "King Wang" typeset headline and the left side of the train track in panel 6 of page 4, and only tiny dabs of White-Out. Signed by Eisner on page 1, though not in his usual trademark style. Overall condition is Excellent.

    Provenance: Warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which this agency exclusively represents.

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