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Will Eisner Original Spirit Art 7pg story: The Fallen Sparrow 1-11-1948

Will Eisner Original Spirit Art 7pg story: The Fallen Sparrow 1-11-1948
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    Price: $19,500.00
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    WILL EISNER. Complete original SPIRIT STORY (7 pages, sold as lot).

    "The Fallen Sparrow" (January 11, 1948) ... Page 1 of 7 - Next Page

    The somewhat complicated but unabashed romance story begins with the jailed Powder Pouf (one tough broad, most famous for her amazing spider-web Spirit splash page) but actually stars Powder's cell mate, Sparrow Fallon and childhood sweetheart and ex-con-turned bank teller, Bleak. This one has dames breaking out of prison, car chases, fist fights, murder and mayhem involving The Spirit. The jail-break uses hot-steam-in-guard's-face ---page 4--- and Eisner lingers on the tortured guard's body for a full panel. We did say it was a romance, right? Prime Eisner artwork and layouts throughout. The perspective in the opening panel of page 2 is particularly nice, as are the action scenes. A well above average story.

    Medium/size/condition/price: Brush & pen inks on Bristol board 16 1/4 inches wide x 22 5/8 inches high. All pages have yellowing tape residue at the tops and most on the bottom, but these are outside the image areas. White-out on the splash panel reveals that the large distinctive "S" in SPIRIT was originally not quite as distinctive. The large right art panel is a paste-up.There are no other paste-ups and relatively little white-out. Overall, very clean. Excellent condition. $19,500 for the lot of 7 pages.

    Provenance: Warranted to be from the private archives of the Will Eisner estate (exclusively represented by this agency) and further warranted to be authentic. The art comes with a descriptive Bill of Sale from the estate and agency.

    (above image scanned from original art)

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    Additionally, the Will Eisner Estate requires that a Bill of Sale in duplicate be signed by every purchaser of his original art. Essentially it asks the buyer to acknowledge that you are buying the artwork but no reproduction rights to the image. One of the Bills of Sale will be counter-signed by our art agency and will be returned to the buyer with the art. This will also act as a certificate of authenticity and enable you to establish provenance should you resale the piece later.

    Bills of sale can be faxed, emailed, or snail mailed to the buyer. Be aware though, we will not ship art until we have received both signed copies of the Bill of Sale. The process can take 7 to 14 days (to complete the sale and ship art).