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Will Eisner Art: Spirit Magazine # 18 Cover (1978)

Will Eisner Art: Spirit Magazine # 18 Cover (1978)
    Price: $6,000.00
    Sold Art


    WILL EISNER (1917-2005) • Original Cover Art (lot of 2)
    “Spirit Magazine #18 cover” (1978)

    Virtually none of Will Eisner’s Spirit covers remain the family’s archives, and they seldom show up in the market. Collectors don’t like to part with cover art, especially Spirit covers. This is a really special one, created early in the ‘70s revival of the Spirit --- the #18 is somewhat deceptive, because this was only the second published Spirit magazine cover drawn by Eisner. That’s because the first 17 issues of Spirit Magazine were published by James Warren and Warren, correctly or not, thought painted covers by Ken Kelly (based on WE art) would sell better on newsstands. Will alone drew every cover from #17 to the final #41 after Kitchen Sink Press took over Spirit Magazine with #17, and. In fact, in the upper left corner you get a bonus Denis Kitchen original (the small Steve Krupp in the middle of the circular publisher trademark is a DK original, not a stat)! Likewise, the elongated SPIRIT logo and signature is part of Eisner’s original art. The only elements not hand drawn are the “press type” headlines at the top and bottom. The art comes with a near-mint copy of Spirit Magazine #18 (May 1978).

    Medium/Size/Condition: Blue pencil, brush and ink on clear acetate measuring 11.25 x 15 inches which is hinge-taped at the top edge to heavy pebble board measuring 12 x 16 inches. Excellent condition.

    Further reference:
    Much other Eisner art, plus out-of-print graphic novels, Spirit comic books and magazines, signed serigraphs, his Famous Cartoonist Button, and numerous other Eisner-related items are accessible from our sister store Steve Krupp’s Curio Shoppe. Just type his name (or The Spirit) into our search bar.

    Provenance: The Will Eisner estate is exclusively represented by the Denis Kitchen Art Agency, an affiliate of Steve Krupp’s Curio Shoppe and Gallery. This drawing is warranted to be an authentic original created by Will Eisner, and sold on behalf of his estate. Note: Image is © Will Eisner Studios, Inc. Reproduction for commercial purposes requires permission.