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Denis Kitchen 3-D Print: Major Arcana 2016

Denis Kitchen 3-D Print: Major Arcana 2016
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    "Major Arcana" 3-D poster (revised version) by Denis Kitchen (unsigned)

    Denis Kitchen’s earlier "Major Arcana" 3-D print (measuring 13 x 17 inches) sold out. This NEW! IMPROVED! version is now 16 x 17.5 inches and packs an even bigger wallop. If you have 3-D glasses at home ---red (left eye) and blue (right eye)--- you can put them on and see the basic effect of this image on your screen. Of course the large paper version will be much more impressive. If you order the real thing, the poster comes with custom 3-D glasses (and the glasses themselves are 3-D)!

    The black & white original art for this psychedelic print was drawn by Denis Kitchen in 1975 for a highly sought-after 33rpm Jim Spencer record album called "Major Arcana." It was later manipulated by the late "Mr. 3-D" Roger May and then further massaged in 2016 (with a new 3rd color, yellow, added) by Jason Little to get the latest version seen here. Hang this on your man cave wall, dorm room, or smoking sanctuary and amaze friends and visitors.

    View under the influence of marijuana (if legal in your state of course) at your own risk! And note the 3-D effect is best appreciated in bright light (the opposite is true when testing this digital version on line). If you walk a few feet away from the large print image and move from side to side, the image will eerily follow you!

    The 16 x 17.5 inch poster ships in a sturdy tube and comes with custom 3-D glasses.

    Available exclusively from us.