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Will Eisner Serigraph "River of Crime" (2004) Mint

Will Eisner Serigraph "River of Crime" (2004) Mint
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    WILL EISNER Spirit Silkscreen "River of Crime" (2004)

    Eisner's Last Signed Serigraph

    One of Will Eisner's most dramatic Spirit splash pages (no pun intended) is now a limited edition serigraph (fine art silkscreen) from Denis Kitchen Publishing. The dramatic worm's-eye perspective is from the November 30, 1947 story generally called "River of Crime," but sometimes called "Slippery Eall" (for the villain). As The Spirit himself is bathed by a trademark Eisner street lamp, the SPIRIT logo flows into a gutter and the Central City Star newspaper in the foreground solemnly prounounces:

    "Crime is a man-made stream... it is a dirty gutter stream that grows in the night and flows for a brief glittery distance, catching all it can in its muddy current... until it spills, at last, into the trap... Crime is a man-made stream."

    Only 150 "River of Crime" silkscreens were produced in a co-publication with publisher Bernard Mahé in France. ONLY 75 ARE AVAILABLE for North America, and these 75 (mostly the odd numbers) are available exclusively from this web site. By avoiding distributors we can offer this art direct to you for only $150 --- considerably less than earlier prices. (For comparison, Kitchen Sink's Eisner serigraphs sold for $250 over a decade ago!)

    This multi-colored serigraph was printed in Switzerland on high quality paper (300 gm Arches 88) measuring 16.5 inches wide by 23.5 inches high. The image itself is 13.5" x 19 5/8". Each was SIGNED and NUMBERED in pencil by comics legend Will Eisner. In fact, this edition was his last signed serigraph or print. Authenticity is warranted and guaranteed.

    We are selling the LOWEST NUMBERS to the EARLIEST CUSTOMERS. The first customer to respond gets #1 of 150, the 2nd gets #3/150, etc. till all seventy-five odd # North American silkscreens are sold. E-mail if you want to know the lowest number available or wish to reserve a "lucky number." We ship all serigraphs flat and protect with plenty of cardboard. Price is only $150

    * * *

    Note: A small number of the 75 "River of Crime" silkscreens have ever-so-slighty dinged corners, well away from the actual image. While these small flaws are invisible when matted and framed, we cannot sell them at the full $150 price. If you don't mind a slightly imperfect print, grab one of these for ONLY $75. (see below)

    OTHER EISNER SILKSCREENS. A couple of Eisner's earlier S&N'd silkscreens (Kitchen Sink Press) are available from us . We have one gorgeous seductive P'Gell S&N. Click on Prints and Serigraphs for a full listing.

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