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John Mueller OINK Pig Print (1998) Signed

John Mueller OINK Pig Print (1998) Signed
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    One of the most popular properties from Kitchen Sink Press before it went under in the late 90s was OINK, by John Mueller. Two series, OINK: Blood & Circus (4-issue mini-series) and OINK: Heaven�s Butcher (mini-series and book collection) were very well received. Those, with his great guest CROW: Wild Justice covers were establishing Mueller as a comics star in the making. But when KSP evaporated, Mueller went in a different (and more lucrative) direction: into electronic game design. But his comics fans haven�t forgotten him: we still get letters and emails asking when Oink will return!

    Amazon describes Oink as �somehow both a sick continuation of an Orwellian fantasy and an inversion of Planet of the Apes, except with pigs. How so? In a dark, oppressive future society where concepts such as "day" and "month" have been long forgotten, the church-turned-state has decided to secretly breed humans with pigs to form a slave society. When one of the pig slaves realizes that the dogma being forced on them is all lies, he undertakes a path of revenge and revelation. Every page of Oink: Heaven's Butcher is painted in full color in a style reminiscent of John Bolton and Simon Bisley.�

    A wonderful signed OINK print was published in 1998 based on the 1996 Mueller cover painting for the Heaven�s Butcher collection. We just discovered a small number of his prints. Mueller signed them under his own name and as �Big Pig Ink,� his pseudonym, in 1998. 16 inches wide x 22w inches high on quality matte paper.
    Shipped flat and well protected. $35

    BTW We also have an inexpensive ($3) OINK button in stock.

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