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The Profit by Joel Beck - Alt. 1st Ed.

The Profit by Joel Beck - Alt. 1st Ed.
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    THE PROFIT by Joel Beck ---Alternate "First Edition" variant not described in Jay Kennedy's Underground Comix Guide.

    The generally recognized "First Edition" has a heavy orange cover printed with red & black ink,, There are three distinct differences, even though both say "First Edition" on the indicia page:

    1.) The cover of the variant is black and white; 2.) The cover paper stock is thin; and 3.) The variant is larger, measuring 6.25" wide x 9 3/16" high, whereas the recognized edition is 6" wide x 8 7/8" high.

    Condition: Fair/Good. The owner neatly punched two one-eighth inch holes in the spine, between the staples, and inserted a quarter-inch wide thin cloth strap. The strap was first tied at the spine and then tied into a knot again, seven-and-a-half inches further away, creating a "carrying strap." The owner used this device to literally carry the book around, an indication of just how popular the book was, at least to the owner, in 1966. While this would ordinarily be a serious defect, it is mitigated by the fact that this is an extraordinarily rare edition.

    Provenance: Certified to be from the collection of a childhood friend of Joel Beck.


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