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Will Eisner Original Spirit Art: The Partner p. 5

Will Eisner Original Spirit Art: The Partner p. 5
    Price: $1,500.00
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    WILL EISNER. Original SPIRIT Art. Page 5 from "The Partner" (January 26, 1947).

    An especially dramatic page as The Spirit appears to be dead and Boss Skinch is clearly past tense. Nice teary-eyed panels of the usually gruff Commissioner Dolan, and extremely effective snuffing sequence. Superlative black spotting throughout the page.

    Medium/size/condition/price: Brush & pen inks on Bristol board 14 1/4 inches wide x 22 5/8 inches high. Rubber stamps and pencil notations at top and notations in left margin and at the bottom, all well outside the image/framing area. Small stats of the title, page number and date are stapled above the art, as was customary. White-out around the border of the last panel, on the left border of panel 4, and small dots here and there. Excellent condition.

    Provenance: Warranted to be from the private archives of the Will Eisner estate (exclusively represented by this agency) and further warranted to be authentic. The art comes with a descriptive Bill of Sale from the estate and agency.

    Many Spirit fans would love to own one or two vintage 1940s Eisner Spirit originals but cannot afford a full 7-page story (averaging over $15,000). It was Will Eisner's long-standing policy not break up his complete stories. But on behalf of his estate we are able to offer single pages from the several stories that were incomplete for various reasons.