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Gary Hallgren Original Art: TATTOO PARLOR

Gary Hallgren Original Art: TATTOO PARLOR
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    GARY HALLGREN (1945-) Fritzi Ritz painting: “TATTOO PARLOR.”

    Almost everyone these days has tattoos, so should we really be surprised to see that even the usually conservative Fritzi Ritz opts to cover her back with Ritz Crackers imagery? Is it a personal choice or has she possibly sold out for a lucrative product placement deal? Nancy and Sluggo watch intently as the tattoo artist (a young Gary Hallgren?) forever transforms Aunt Fritzi’s gracefully tapered back, no doubt wondering what sort of indelible ink they’ll add to their own torsos. Ironically enough, a good number of real-life folks these days have Nancy & Sluggo tattoos. Most recently we saw Eisner-nominated cartoonist Box Brown at San Diego Comic Con showing off a very cool Nancy tat on his upper right arm, with plans to soon aesthetically balance the other arm with Sluggo. We’re not kidding about the growing Nancy cult!!

    Acrylic painting on illustration board, shrink-wrapped against ¼-inch foam board. Created in Janruary 2015. Horizontal dimensions 20 x 15 inches. Signed by the artist.

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    About the artist: Gary Hallgren’s illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, MAD, The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and National Lampoon (his Pinocchio cover for the Lampoon is an all-time classic). And he illustrated all of the best-selling books by Dr. Mehmet Oz. But he's probably best known as a key member of the infamous “Air Pirates.” Hallgren teamed with Dan O'Neill, Ted Richards, Bobby London, and Shary Flenniken to produce two notorious issues of Air Pirates Funnies, which contained X-rated parodies of Mickey & Minnie Mouse, causing the Walt Disney organization to unleash its army of lawyers on the unruly underground cartoonists. The battle went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled 9-0 in favor of Disney. Hallgren currently paints personal visions of his favorite comics, especially “Nancy & Sluggo," he collects vintage Studebakers, and he ghosts one of America's most famous syndicated newspaper strips

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