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R. Crumb Original Place Mat Art: Novels of Passion

R. Crumb Original Place Mat Art: Novels of Passion
    Price: $5,000.00
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    R. Crumb Original Art - Placemat drawing

    # 5 - "Novels of Passion" - June 1999

    This original measures 15.5 inches wide by 11.75 inches high. It is also drawn on the reverse side of a Le Micocoulier Restaurant placemat. In this case, however, the placemat is fully intact and has not been cut. Crumb's pre-printed drawing of the restaurant appears in both the upper left and right corners along with the Crumb logo. Unlike the previous two placemats, however, this one at one point, was damp where a small diameter beverage ring appears in the upper left and middle upper right. On the original, there is a residual light warping of the paper radiating from the original source of dampness. Both of these are outside the image area. If this was antique furniture, they would be called "character marks." There is a fainter but visible third source on the left edge of the upper foliage. Other than this, the only other physical flaw is a 5.75 inch crease in the lower right corner bisecting the short haired male. Of added interest is that fact that the prominent female character holding a cigarette, is Francoise Mouly, the art director of the New Yorker and the wife of Art Spiegelman. She and Art periodically vacation in the village where Crumb resides.

    $ 5000.00