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R. Crumb Original Place Mat Art: Aliens

R. Crumb Original Place Mat Art: Aliens
    Price: $5,000.00
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    R. Crumb Original Art - Placemat drawing

    # 6 - "Aliens" - August 1997

    This is also drawn on the reverse of a fully intact Le Micocoulier Restaurant placemat measuring 15.5 inches wide by 11.75 inches high. While the first five placemats described above were drawn in Crumb's trademark Rapidograph Pen, this Aliens placemat is drawn entirely with brush and ink. This is technique Crumb employs from time to time but his brush drawings are far rarer than his pen drawings. This is more a matter of aesthetic taste than a factor in value. If you're familiar with the artistic techniques, the difference if obvious. If not, a pen line is thin and consistent, whereas a brush line is various considerably in width based on the pressure applied by the artist. Crumb has a long standing interest in aliens and UFOs which helps explain the focus of this original. An amusing side note is the insertion of Pogo as an apparent inspiration for a certain alien prototype. The character in the lower left corner may also be recognizable from the Terrytoons features.

    In the upper right corner, there is a discoloration slightly "yellowish" from some sort of food stain from six years ago. This larger "blotch" is outside the image area but small satellite of discoloration extends as far as the head of the male figure who's mouth is being examined by an alien. This type of "flaw" like the dampness marks, in the previous piece, is in the eye of the beholder. Similar placemats with wine, gravy, and other stains were reportedly most in demand at Crumb's "soldout" show in New York City a couple of years ago. Our valuation would be somewhat higher given the complexity and quality of these images. Some might regard the stain as a "premium."

    $ 5000.00