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Will Eisner Art: City People Notebook "Smellbound" p. 3 lot of 3

Will Eisner Art: City People Notebook "Smellbound" p. 3 lot of 3
    Price: $1,700.00
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    WILL EISNER. Title/date/description: Preliminary drawing and finished art for the 3rd page of "Smellbound," page 43 in City People Notebook (1989); a 3-piece lot total.

    The respective layouts of the pencil and finished art are fairly close, but it's fun to see the small compositional changes Eisner made when re-pencilling and inking his final art. We are offering the matching pairs because many collectors like to frame related pieces together.

    Size/medium/condition: The underlying roughs of the preliminary drawing are in blue pencil with tighter black pencil lines on top, on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper. The final art is drawn in pen, brush & ink on an 11 x 14 inch Bristol board, with some blue pencil guide lines still visible. Also pictured here is Eisner's transparent vellum overlay on which he has drawn in ink the areas where "20% B.D." (Benday) gray tones were to be incorporated into his image in the printing process. (See the published City People page for the combined effect). There are small pieces of white tape with registration marks on the extreme corners, well outside the image area, and small applications of White-Out in three panels. Eisner's inventory rubber stamp and handwritten title is on the reverse side.

    Excellent condition. Price: $1,700 (lot of 3 pieces)

    Provenance: Warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which this agency exclusively represents. Comes with signed Bill of Sale.