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Will Eisner Original Art: Page 11 from Last Day in Vietnam (2000)

Will Eisner Original Art: Page 11 from Last Day in Vietnam (2000)
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    (color slighty contrasted to show any white-out)

    WILL EISNER. Page 11 from cover story in Last Day in Vietnam (2000).

    This graphic novel departed from the pattern and setting of the majority of Eisner�s domestic stories. Last Day in Vietnam recounts stories Eisner heard and witnessed firsthand while in the military or while doing research for PS magazine, which he produced for the U.S. Army as a civilian. This lead story takes place during the Vietnam War, and the voice-over on this page is a military escort (clearly not a combat veteran) talking to Eisner himself on a helicopter.

    Last Day in Vietnam is not typical of Eisner�s other graphic novels: to get the �gritty� effect he wanted, Eisner drew this story with brush and ink but with a grease pencil on a textured pebble board for the unusual textured effect over the line art. It measures 12 by 16 inches. The reverse has the official Eisner Studio rubber stamp. The original is in excellent condition. Price: $900

    Provenance: This original art is guaranteed to be authentic. It is warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which is exclusively represented by the Denis Kitchen Art Agency (DKAA) via this related web site. No one else has owned this art except Will Eisner and his widow Ann. If you purchase this item it will come with a DKAA Bill of Sale. This document provides ironclad provenance for insurance purposes, any museum exhibition, or possible future resale.

    If you don�t have the book, Last Day in Vietnam, it is still available from publisher Dark Horse Comics, amazon or leading retailers, as is PS, a book about Will�s educational magazine for the military published by Abrams in 2011.