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Will Eisner Original Spirit Art: Death of Autumn Mews p. 2

Will Eisner Original Spirit Art: Death of Autumn Mews p. 2
    Price: $2,250.00
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    "The Death of Autumn Mews" (October 9, 1949). Page 2. The Spirit is in two panels. Ill-fated Autumn Mews and The Spirit's new assistant Sammy (Ebony's temporary replacement) are also featured. $2,250.

    Most Spirit fans cannot afford to buy a complete 7-page Spirit story (averaging $15,000) and Will Eisner, at this point, will not break up his stories. However, a recent inventory of Eisner's art files revealed several incomplete Spirit stories. So we are now able to offer ---for the first time--- single pages from several classic 1940s stories. The size of these originals averages 15 inches x 22 inches on Bristol board.

    Please note that the images scanned here are from Kitchen Sink and Warren comics or magazines for identification purposes and not from the original art. Thus the images are not as sharp as the actual art. The original art is in Will Eisner's personal files and will be drop-shipped (and carefully packaged) by Eisner himself with a hand-signed Bill of Sale.

    NOTE: This piece of Eisner art will be drop-shipped directly from Eisner Studios in Florida. THEY charge a flat rate of $ 40.00 for packing, shipping, and insurance for STANDARD DOMESTIC SHIPPING. Our site will add this fee during checkout.

    We are willing to make special payment arrangements on high dollar art. Contact us directly for more information.

    Additionally, Will Eisner requires that a Bill of Sale in duplicate be signed by every purchaser of his original art. Essentially it asks the buyer to acknowledge that you are buying the artwork but no reproduction rights to the image. One of the Bills of Sale counter-signed by Will Eisner will be returned to the buyer with the art. This will also act as a certificate of authenticity and enable you to establish provenance should you resale the piece later.

    Bills of sale can be faxed, emailed, or snail mailed to the buyer. Be aware though, Mr. Eisner will not ship art until he has received both signed copies of the Bill of Sale. The process can take 7 to 14 days (to complete the sale and ship art).