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Will Eisner Art: Cover Painting to WE Quarterly # 7 Color

Will Eisner Art: Cover Painting to WE Quarterly # 7 Color
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    Will Eisner Original Art COVER painting to WILL EISNER'S QUARTERLY #7 (1985).

    An early man and modern criminal confront each other in New York's Central Park. In the story "Humans" that this cover illustrates, the two don't actually meet but Eisner tells human stories that have similar themes, but one occurs during the Ice Age and the other in the 1980s. If you don't have WEQ #7, the story (but not this cover) was reprinted in The Will Eisner Reader (editions from Kitchen Sink Press, DC Comics and W. W. Norton).

    This original was drawn in ink and watercolor on heavy illustration board. 11.25 inches wide x 14 5/8 inches high.  Comes with mint copy of The Will Eisner Reader (KSP ed.) Eisner studio rubber stamps on reverse. Painted in 1985. Signed and dated.

    Warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which this agency exclusively represents. Comes with signed Bill of Sale.

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