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Will Eisner Art: Wildwood Cemetery Color Painting (1986)

Will Eisner Art: Wildwood Cemetery Color Painting (1986)
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    WILL EISNER • Original cover art
    “Wildwood Cemetery painting” (1986)

    A 90-minute Spirit pilot, which ended up as the made for TV Spirit movie (1987—not the later Frank Miller film adaptation) was written by Steven DeSouza (48 Hours) produced by Paul Aratow, and starred Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) in the lead. Will Eisner, who licensed the rights, was asked by Aratow to create several paintings to help establish visual references for the set. One of them is this watercolor painting of The Spirit and girlfriend Ellen Dolan at the entrance to Wildwood Cemetery, the place where detective Denny Colt has his secret hide-out. Paintings by Eisner are hard to come by, and this is an iconic scene.

    Medium/Size/Condition: Watercolor and ink on heavy Bainbridge illustration board measuring 11.75 inches wide x 10 inches high. Excellent condition.

    Further reference: Much other Eisner art, plus out-of-print graphic novels, Spirit comic books and magazines, signed serigraphs, his Famous Cartoonist Button, and numerous other Eisner-related items are accessible from Steve Krupp’s Curio Shoppe.

    Provenance: The Will Eisner estate is exclusively represented by the Denis Kitchen Art Agency, an affiliate of Steve Krupp’s Curio Shoppe and Gallery. This drawing is warranted to be an authentic original created by Will Eisner, and sold on behalf of his estate.