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Harvey Kurtzman Original Art: "Make Me An Offer" 6 pc Lot

Harvey Kurtzman Original Art: "Make Me An Offer"  6 pc Lot
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    HARVEY KURTZMAN, “Make Me An Offer“ TV movie advertising art — 6-piece lot (1979) 

    An incredible glimpse into the mind of a master! Legendary art team Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder were tapped to create the promotional art for the 1980 ABC TV movie Make Me An Offer with Susan Blakely and Patrick O’Neil. This offering includes four of Harvey Kurtzman’s process drawings, from the initial sketch to the final layout, and one stat of his pencil layout, from which Will Elder produced the final illustration (tear sheet of printed ad in TV Guide included).

    1.) The rough preliminary concept is drawn in black marker on 10 x 14-inch vellum and blocks out the composition with multiple notes indicating art placement. It showcases how Kurtzman’s eye for visual detail began with a fully formed set of ideas.

    2.) A second tighter sketch blocks out the characters, their acting, and motion against the barest suggestions of setting in colored markers on 10 x 14 vellum.

    3.) A third drawing tightens the scene further with a delightful pencil, thin black & orange marker drawing suggesting the bacchanalian frolics Harvey saw at the Playboy Mansion while working for the magazine. This drawing provides a beautiful example of Kurtzman’s dynamic sense of motion, kinetic line, and appreciation of curvy models.

    4.) The final original, on 10 x 9” vellum, provides the precise perspective on the background building, something HK was a master of.

    5.) A clean photostat of Kurtzman’s tight pencil contains all thge elemnts in bthe final ad ands risque enough that visible notes from the art director ask him to tone it down! This smaller overlay with the perspective drawing of the mansion that anchored the background is taped over the pencil stat.

    6.) The tightest guides were then provided to Will Elder to create the final, as seen in the TV Guide tear sheet dated January 11, 1980, the week the film aired.

    Price for 6-piece LOT: $1,200

    Size/Medium/Condition: All the original vellum drawings and the stat show some folding/creases from Kurtzman’s storage and handling of the materials. But overall excellent condition. 

    Provenance: Warranted to be from the private archives of the Harvey Kurtzman estate, which is exclusively represented by the Denis Kitchen Art Agency. The four original drawing are further warranted to be authentic creations of Harvey Kurtzman.

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