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AL CAPP LI’L ABNER “Fearless Fosdick” daily (April 25, 1957)

AL CAPP LI’L ABNER “Fearless Fosdick” daily (April 25, 1957)
    Price: $500.00
    Sold Art


    AL CAPP • LI’L ABNER “Fearless Fosdick” daily (April 25, 1957) MATTED

    Scanning note: this matted art is shrink-wrapped and cannot be scanned.
    It's difficult to photograph a reflective surface without distortion.
    Apologies for the grainy photos.

    Fearless Fosdick was the popular strip-within-a-strip read daily and religiously by his biggest fan (Li’l Abner) and also by as many as 90 million daily newspaper readers at a time with comics strips were a huge part of the entertainment world. As a consequence of their special popularity and relative scarcity within the 43-year run of Abner, originals featuring the bumbling detective Fosdick bring a special premium.

    Aside from being a feature within “Li’l Abner,” Fosdick on his own starred in hundreds of ubiquitous magazine and newspaper strip ads for Wildroot Hair Cream, as well as countless barbershop signs for that product, and, in 1952, Fearless Fosdick starred in his own very strange TV puppet show (the 13 episodes are rumored to be finally collected on DVD in the foreseeable future!)

    But back to this particular strip… a 1957 sequence from “Ezio the Pincher,” a petty jewel thief who stashes the "hot" Beanfort Knox wristwatch inside Fosdick's skull—where Fosdick can't find it, but can hear it "ticking.” In this strip Fosdick is in Paris. The villain’s name was a play on real-life Italian opera star, Ezio Pinza.

    Medium/Size/Condition: Brush, pen, ink and Zip-a-Tone on Bristol board measuring approximately 21 x 7 inches. We say “approximately” because the original is matted and shrink-wrapped. Signed by Capp and dated (4/25/57) in lower right. Excellent condition.

    Provenance: From the collection of James Kitchen.

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