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ERNIE BUSHMILLER Nancy daily (1946) Underworld vs Undie-World

ERNIE BUSHMILLER Nancy daily (1946)  Underworld vs Undie-World
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    ERNIE BUSHMILLER • Nancy daily (1946) • Underworld vs. Undie-World

    Perhaps no other cartoonist inspires such fierce debate as Ernie Bushmiller. His creation “Nancy” is revered by many and reviled by others. If you “get it,” the humor in Nancy is inventive and sublime. If you don’t, it is merely dumb. But virtually no one denies the consummate craftsmanship of a vintage Bushmiller original.

    No one’s line is cleaner, no composition better balanced, no strip more the “essence” of pure cartooning —and no hair on Nancy’s trademark head is irregular or imperfect. Bushmiller’s gags often revolved around word play and here we get confusion between the tough “underworld” neighborhood Sluggo wants to visit and the “undie-world” shop Nancy prefers.

    This original features both major characters and sexy 1940s lingerie, hand drawn by cult inspirer Bushmiller— what more can you ask for??

    Medium/Size/Condition: Brush, pen, and ink on Strathmore Bristol board measuring 20¾ x 6¼ inches. Signed and dated (11/20/46) in lower right. Excellent condition.

    Provenance: From the collection of James Kitchen, who edited several volumes of Nancy collections for Kitchen Sink Press, and who received this original as a present from his brother Denis. Inscribed on reverse: “Jim—Merry Xmas ’89 —Denis”

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