Welcome to the Denis Kitchen Archives. For many years I was a publisher (Kitchen Sink Press, 30 years), Kitchen Sink Books (more recently, in conjunction with Dark Horse), and the tiny but ongoing Denis Kitchen Publishing).

Denis KitchenI have also packaged books for other publishers, and have books I've written or drawn for other publishers. A variety of books and merchandise (trading cards, buttons, posters) have accumulated in a mini-warehouse for more than a half century. I’ve come to realize that I can’t take all this with me** so the time has come to make all the material available to collectors. Quantities vary from single items to a couple cartons. Items will be steadily be pulled from inventory and added to this online store, so check back often or contact us for special requests. Stacey, Scarlet, or Steve Krupp will be happy to assist you.

**A 6-page “autobiographical" account of my coming to grips with mortality issues and still trying to take stuff with me can be viewed here: "My Five Minutes with God."

The Denis Kitchen Art Agency also been a longtime art agent representing certain artists and estates (Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, Howard Cruse and others), so you're looking for ORIGINAL COMIC ART, click HERE to see what's for sale!

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