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Will Eisner Original Art: The Hider/Sanctum 1st SPLASH PAGE + pencil from Invisible People 1992

Will Eisner Original Art: The Hider/Sanctum 1st SPLASH PAGE + pencil from Invisible People 1992
    Price: $2,000.00
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    WILL EISNER. "The Hider"/�Sanctum� 1st SPLASH PAGE and pencil from Invisible People (1992). LOT of 3.

    This lot includes an a exceptional pair of originals. When Will Eisner created his first pencil drafts for the opening story in his Invisible People trilogy, he called it �The Hider.� Later, of course, the story of hapless Pincus Pleatnik was officially titled �Sanctum.� Other than the altered title, the remaining text and composition is largely unchanged, although the text on the bed board is significantly expanded and �city survival� at the bottom becomes �urban survival.� For those of you who like to see the process of self-editing and creation, this is a perfect example of Eisner�s process, including the very uncommon name change from the first to final step. These are a perfect pair to frame side-by-side.

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    Will Eisner's The Sanctum
    Will Eisner's The Sanctum

    Besides the original art described above this lot includes a scarce mint copy of Sanctum,Will Eisners The Sanctum the first of three stiff-covered comic-books published by Kitchen Sink Press in 1992 to serialize the trilogy before it was collected as the much better known graphic novel Invisible People in 1993. This was the only time an Eisner graphic novel was serialized as stand-alone comics prior to book publication. Sales were disappointing since most Eisner fans were willing to wait for the compilation. Consequently Sanctum and its sister comics are seldom seen or offered for sale. This is a file copy from the Eisner estate.

    Size/Medium/Condition/Price: The pencil layout (page �3� at bottom) was created in two stages: an underlying blue pencil rough with black pencil on top, on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. The finished version (page �1� at lower right) is drawn in brush, pen and India ink on a lightweight Bristol board measuring 11 x 13.75 inches. The speckled texture behind the �Sanctum� title is something Eisner occasionally did using an old-fashioned toothbrush splatter effect, after the rest of the page was masked. The reverse has the official Eisner Studio rubber stamp and a second title/page stamp. Both originals are in excellent condition and the Sanctum comic is NM/M. LOT of 3: $2,000

    Provenance: This original art is guaranteed to be authentic. It is warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which is exclusively represented by the Denis Kitchen Art Agency (DKAA) via this related web site. No one else has owned this art except Will Eisner and his widow Ann. If you purchase this lot it will come with a DKAA Bill of Sale. This document provides ironclad provenance for insurance purposes, any museum exhibition or possible future resale.

    If you don�t have the book Invisible People, it is still available from the current publisher W. W. Norton, amazon or leading retailers.