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Complete 7-page Spirit story, "Darling and The Octopus"

Complete 7-page Spirit story, "Darling and The Octopus"
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    WILL EISNER (1917-2005) Original Complete 7-page Spirit story

    Title/date/description: "Darling and The Octopus" dated March 18, 1951 (#564).

    Mastermind criminal The Octopus has The Spirit cornered in the Florida Everglades but he is captured by a surprise visitor to the swampy island ---the world's richest (and most obnoxious) little girl, Darling O'Shea. Just how obnoxious is she? A devilish-looking Spirit in the last couple panels actually considers letting The Octopus free to seek revenge on the brat. That humorous aspect overrides the remarkable fact that the elusive Octopus seems to finally have been captured and unmasked!

    This is one the last Spirit stories written and principally drawn by Will Eisner, who very soon has assistants taking over more and more of the creative aspects. The unusually lush and detailed backgrounds in this story are probably by Andre LeBlanc. Bonus: The final page here actually includes the original "Next Week" footer at the bottom (these paste-ups are almost never attached).

    Size/medium/condition: Drawn with brush, pen and ink on Bristol board 15" high by 22" high. Note that the highly detailed "Spirit" logo on page 1 is not a Photostat--- it is hand-drawn and part of the original splash art. Signed by Eisner on page 1. Overall condition is Excellent.

    Provenance: Warranted to be from the Will Eisner estate, which this agency exclusively represents. Comes with signed Bill of Sale.